Advance have operated in Mexico since 2000. Over the years Advance has come to know the Mexican market well and now has customers throughout the nation.

They include major supermarket chains, other retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Items sold include lamb, mutton, beef, venison, fish, canned mushrooms and dairy products. Product is sourced from NZ and other nations.

Advance has a good understanding of the regulatory requirements, labelling, customs, international financial transactions and transport with in the country. Advance’s staff close association with the parties involved in the import chain, so ensuring Advance, their customers and suppliers, avoid the many pitfalls that can trap new operators, so minimising the many problems that can arise from day to day in the market place.

With his knowledge has also come many savings in costs, which combined with   competitive freight rates makes Advance an efficient supplier.

Every day Advance speaks to the market in Spanish and is quickly able to communicate changes in demand and supply to all parties.

Advance has used the knowledge gained in Mexico to expand sales to Spanish speaking markets in the Caribbean.