New Zealand Meat

New Zealand isolated the South Pacific Ocean is fortunate to be free of the diseases that other cattle and sheep producing nations have, giving New Zealand access to most world markets. In addition the temperate climate, where the animals graze on pasture all year long allows Advance to offer New Zealand meat that has been reared naturally.

With this temperate climate New Zealand rears animals that are genetically selected for their meat production qualities rather than their ability to survive harsh or variable climates ensuring meat of the best quality is supplied. While the predominant supply is New Zealand lamb, mutton and steer, bull and cow, when customers require meat that is of a different grade, or when off-season supply is limited in New Zealand, Advance can offer meat from other countries that often fulfils the customer’s needs at a lower price than that produced in New Zealand.

Other products of New Zealand origin

Advance can offer New Zealand venison; seafood; vegetables, cheese and milk powder, and meat and bone meal.

Meat Specifications

International products

Advance with wide ranging language skills has established and international net work of meat and food suppliers and can offer Australian beef, lamb, mutton and cheese; Uruguayan beef and lamb; Brazilian beef, pork and poultry, Chinese beef, lamb, seafood and canned and frozen vegetables; North American and European pork and when existing customers have specific product requests outside of Advance’s area of expertise Advance can assist often directing customers to suppliers who may be specialised in that area.